Buying any air treatment product or system is an investment. Whether you are looking for air conditioner, dehumidifier, heat recovery wheel, humidifier or rotor, GASEA offers you the best solution with superior quality, cost efficiency and durability for you to control your indoor climate in any way you prefer. 


Product Quality

Installation and Service Quality

At GASEA, we provides you the best installation and after sales services. We can guarantee our quality in installation and after sales services that we provide you the best quality you could have. We have been providing installation and after sales services since 1992. We aim to provide the best service in order to help secure your manufacturing products, customers and appliances. We consider your needs as our first priority and try to meet your satisfactions in every way we could. You can be confident that your investment on our products or systems is not a waste. Our expert team is always ready to give you advices and solve your problems.  All replacement and spare parts are always available from our factory.

Quiet Operation

Noise is another important factor that we consider. GASEA products are specially designed for quiet operation. We realize that noisy operation would make you feel uncomfortable in your workspaces or living spaces.

Enery Efficiency

GASEA sees the important of energy efficiency. We realize that energy efficiency proves to be cost effective. Therefore, we are continuing to make our products and systems more energy efficient. 

We deliver what we promise.