Food Processing

GASEA's climate control products and systems are used in many food industries such as instant noodles industry, candy industry, canned products industry and bakery industry to control the indoor climate. 


With GASEA, you can obtain the best solution in a wide range of efficient climate control products and systems. The benefits from our products and systems include mold prevention, hygienic condition improvement, higher productivity, indoor air quality improvement and cost effective.

Temperature and humidity controls are very important in food industry. Small changes in temperature and humidity can already cause food spoilage. Moreover, they cause mold and bacteria growth in food products. Therefore, with these problems, they can lead to higher productivity cost, labor cost and wastes. 

Fortunately, GASEA can provide the best solution in preventing or solving these problems. We are specialized in clean room and dehumidification systems. With GASEA climate control products and systems you will be able to avoid mold and bacteria growth.