Indoor Swimming Pool

GASEA's climate control products and systems provide you the ability to create perfect climate for your buildings with indoor swimming pools. The benefits from our products and systems include mold prevention, corrosion prevention, insect activity prevention, indoor air quality improvement and cost effective. 

A threat for the indoor climate and building constructions is a combination of chlorine and humidity in the swimming pools and natatoriums. The high moisture load in buildings with indoor swimming pools challenges conventional air handling systems. It also creates an uncomfortable climate for swimmers and audiences. Additionally, the moisture can cause mold and corrosion, which damage building materials and components. As a result, the buildings will require regular renovation and maintenance. 

GASEA's climate control systems can be integrated with existing conventional air handling systems to provide a perfect climate for swimmers and audiences. As a result, they will experience healthy and comfortable indoor climate. Our climate control systems can also help reduce the condensation, corrosion and mold problems.