Marine and Ships

GASEA's climate control systems allow for consistent control to efficiently prevent moisture damage in marine industry. 

For marine industry, the battle against humidity is endless due to the maritime environment. With GASEA, you can obtain the best solution in a wide range of efficient climate control products and systems. The benefits from our products and systems include mold prevention, corrosion prevention, products and machines preservation, indoor air quality improvement and cost effective. 

In a maritime environment, salt and moisture can cause severe damages during the ship's installation, attack vulnerable interior surfaces during sandblasting and coating, damage engine parts, and cause millions of dollars worth damages to cargo and valuable items in the ships.Changes in climate and temperature between nights and days also cause humidity issues. The indoor air quality is also not to be neglected for people. With GASEA's experiences in climate control products and systems, we offer efficient dehumidification systems to protect corrosion, condensation and mold in the ships.It is recommended that the following areas of the ship need dehumidification systems to avoid the damages mentioned:

1. Machinery/Engine Room

2. Server/data center rooms

3. Cargo Tanks

4. Living areas

5. Midship deck house

6. Pump Room

7. Steering room/bridge