Other Industries

GASEA's climate control products and systems are used many industries to control the indoor climate. The industries, where temperature and humidity are being controlled enhance the profitability and productivity. 


With GASEA, you can obtain the best solution in a wide range of efficient climate control products and systems. The benefits from our products and systems include corrosion prevention, higher productivity, products and machines preservation, indoor air quality improvement and cost effective. 

Changes in humidity and temperature are the major challenges in glass industry. Molten glass is very sensitive to humidity. Molten glass runs under blanketing atmospheres where humidity is closely monitored. A good quality glass depends on accurate humidity and temperature control. If the environment during glass manufacturing process is not being controlled, the result could be bad quality glass products and lost in investment. 

Glass Industry

Wood Industry

In the wood industry, the goal is to maintain Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC). Changes in humidity and temperature are the main challenges in wood industry. They could cause warping and cracking on unprocessed wood. Moreover, they could cause problems in automated paint applications. 

Plastic Industry

Humidity causes imperfection in plastic production. During injection molding, high humidity within plastic granules can cause cavities and defects on the plastic products. As a result, it leads to quality problems. Therefore, it is necessary to control the humidity in plastic industry in order for the plastic products to achieve a good quality . 

Printing Industry

It is very essential to control the temperature and humidity in the printing industry. With GASEA solution, you do not have to face problems like misalignment, static electricity, paper folding, and paper getting stuck. You will be able to reduce non-added values on production floor. As a result, you will increase the productivity and reduce production costs. 

Leather & Textile Industry

Humidity and temperature control systems are the absolute must in leather and textile operations. Leather and other textile products normally absorb moisture from the air during production processes, packaging, or in storage. Humidity or moisture causes microbial activity. In the other words, it causes mold, fungi, and mildew. As a result, it damages the leather and textile products, and reduces the rate in production. 

In leather industry, humidity and temperature control systems keep leather products away from microbial activity. In textile industry, humidity and temperature control systems increase the tensile strength of the fibers, reduce static electricity, and reduce cotton fly. As a result, downtime and wastes are minimized. Moreover, the product quality is being improved. 

Tire Industry

Tires should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight and intense artificial light. Heat  and light are the sources of oxidation on the tire surfaces. Heat and light can cause the change in properties of the rubber, resulting a shorter service life of the tires. Furthermore, humidity control is very important for tire industry. Extremely humid conditions must be avoid since it can cause condensation on the tires.