Hotels & Restaurants

GASEA's climate control products and systems are used in hotel rooms and kitchens to control the indoor climate. 


With GASEA, you can obtain the best solution in a wide range of efficient climate control products and systems. The benefits from our products and systems include mold prevention, corrosion prevention, insect activity prevention, indoor air quality improvement and cost effective. 

Hotels present a challenge in providing the proper air treatment and air conditioning systems. It is important that every hotel room should be designed with good ventilation system in order to provide the guests with perfect indoor climate. 

Hotels in hot and humid climate often suffer from mold growth problems. These problems do not only cause damages to building materials, furnitures, and electrical devices, they also cause poor indoor air quality. Consequently, this could reduces guests satisfaction rate. Therefore, it is important to control humidity and temperature in the hotels. 



High humidity is the cause of many problems encountered in the restaurant industry today. In the kitchen area, excess humidity causes mold and bacteria growth. They could cause the poor indoor air quality and microbial spoilage of food.

In the dinning area, excess humidity causes poor air quality and uncomfortable environment. As a result, customers would not be satisfied with the restaurants and consider the dinning area as unclean. Moreover, fungi can cause damages on kitchen sinks, curtain, and carpets. As a result, this could increase maintenance cost and decrease customers satisfaction.